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Lotus Pose Steps, Benefits, and Precautions

    Lotus Pose Padmasana

    Lotus Pose(Padmasana) is considered the best for doing Pranayama. There is no better posture than a lotus poses to concentrate the mind, that is why it is also called meditation posture.

    How to do Lotus posture(Padmasana)?

    Lotus pose is an easy yoga posture but you may feel difficult in the beginning. With a little practice, you will be able to do it easily. The steps of the pose are as follows:

    1. Sit on the yoga mat lose your body and spread the legs in front.
    2. Now bend the right leg from the knee and place the heel of the right leg on the left thigh.
    3. Bend the left leg from the knee and place it on the thigh of the right leg.
    4. Try to keep both heels as much as close to the stomach.
    5. Back and neck should be straight in this position.
    6. Put your hands on the knees in the knowledge pose(Gyan Mudra).
    7. Close your eyes.
    8. Slowly keep breathing in and out.
    9. All your attention should be on the breath.
    10. In the beginning do this process for 5 minutes, gradually you can increase the time up to 20-25 minutes
    11. After the completion of the pose, open both the legs comfortably and relax.

    Benefits of Lotus Pose(Padmasana)

    This is such a yoga pose, which if done regularly, makes the body and mind shine like a lotus flower.

    • Gives peace to the mind.
    • Digestive power increases. (Read more: Superfood to increase digestion power.)
    • Back pain goes away.
    • Reduces muscle tension.
    • Regulates blood pressure.
    • Reduces menstrual cycle discomfort.
    • It is very effective for those who have excessive urination.

    How long should one sit in Lotus Pose?

    In the beginning, practice it for 5 minutes and gradually you can increase it to 20 – 25 minutes.


    Some precautions you should take while doing this pose are as follows:

    • Keep the spine and neck straight.
    • Increase the duration gradually, because doing too much from the first day can result in a loss instead of health gain.
    • Pregnant women should not do this pose.

    Disadvantages of Lotus Pose:

    If not done properly, you can suffer from Lotus Pose. like:

    • There is extreme pain in the heels, knees, waist, do not do this asana.
    • Those suffering from sciatica and arthritis should not do this asana.
    • If there is injury or sprain in the legs, waist, spinal cord, do not do it.

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