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Do it for fast weight gain and good body shape (for men).

    Weight gain for good health

    In today’s time obesity is a big problem but many men have to face the problem of being underweight. Being underweight is as bad for your health as obesity. Here are the tips to fast weight gain with a good body shape for men.

    Do people make fun of you for being underweight?
    Do you seem to be suffering from malnutrition?

    Know the disadvantages of being underweight?

    Now no need to panic because weight gain is not a big problem, there are many easy ways through which you can gain weight in a short time.

    In short, you just have to follow the right things regularly with the tips provided here.

    How much should be the normal weight for a men good health?

    Your weight according to your height is a measure of good health, such as

    • If your height is 5 feet 8 inches, then your normal weight should be between 56 to 71 kg.
    • If your height is 5 feet 10 inches, then your normal weight should be between 59 to 75 kg.

    Thus, normal weight completely depends on your height, as much as your height is your weight. Click here to calculate your weight according to your height.

    What should I do to gain weight and have a good body shape?

    Here are several tips that will definitely help you gain weight:

    1. What to eat to gain weight?

    Potato, Raisins, Egg (Optional), Milk, Banana, Almond. Include any 2 or 3 of these things in your morning breakfast. 250 grams of milk, 2 bananas are cheap and useful in increasing the weight fast.

    2. How many times to eat to gain weight in a day?

    Eat little and little food more than three times in a day, like that the food will digest completely in the body to gives more benefits and weight will increase.

    3. How much water should be consumed in the day to increase weight?

    Drink plenty of water, Drink at least 9 to 10 glasses of water a day to increase good weight.

    4. Six activities for men to get a good body shape.

    1. Tricep dips 2 to 3 times to increase weight
    2. Pushups to increase weight for two or three minutes.
    3. Lounge workout 15-20 times to increase weight
    4. Crunching 7-8 times to increase weight.
    5. Squit for up to five minutes to increase weight.
    6. Walking and running to increase weight are beneficial.

    5. These things are dangerous to be gain weight, it is better if you do not.

    • Avoid junk food,
    • Do not eat anything that is not digested.
    • Do not drink alcohol.
    • No need to use medicines and protein supplements to gain weight.
    • Do not consume tobacco and if you do it, then stop it.

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