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7 Skin Care Tips to Get Shining Skin in a Week.

    Get Shining Skin in a Week

    Skin loses shine when our body seems to be excessive production of melanin. Melanin is responsible for skin color and shining skin.

    Along with the aging skin also seems to lose its glow. In such a case, we need to take more care of the skin.

    Excessive production of melanin seems to be problematic with black spots, Wrinkles, etc.

    Other reasons for losing the skin brightness

    • Hormonal imbalance
    • Sunlight
    • Acne
    • Liver’s malfunction
    • Malnutrition
    • Side effects of cosmetic products

    What are the types of skin?

    It’s also depended on your skin type so first find your skin type to get the exact solution. There are generally 5 types of skin:

    1. Normal skin
    2. Dry skin
    3. Oily skin
    4. Combination skin (mix of oil and dry skin)
    5. Sensitive skin

    How to know my skin type?

    After using a lot of products you are still looking for something that can give you better results.

    Are you worried about your skin shining?

    Now you don’t need to worry about it you can maintain your skin brightness with some simple tips and changes in your lifestyle.

    7 Skin care tips to get shining skin for all skin types

    1. Drink enough water, Drink at least 8-10 glasses every day
    2. Use the right moisturizer according to season.
    3. Squeeze half lemon in a bowl put it on your skin slowly with a help of cotton and wash with water after drying.
    4. Definitely take the right diet to keep healthy skin. Include nutrients and vitimin C & vitimin E in your every day diet. A good diet is very important for shiny skin, add following in your dite
      • Fresh fruits
      • Fresh vegetables
      • Whole grains
      • Olive oil
      • Avocados
      • Nuts
    5. Facials every month is very important. Facials remove the dirt present in the skin. it improves blood circulation.
    6. Do not stress.
    7. In any weather summer or winter, Apply good body lotions on the skin within 10 minutes of taking bath.

    Make these lifestyle changes for glowing skin

    • Totaly Stop Smoking
    • Stop or reduce alcohol consumption.
    • Get enough sleep
    • Do yoga or exercise daily.

    All skincare tips mentioned above are very easy to get shining skin and you can do it all at home at a low cost.


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