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Facial without a gap can be harmful to your skin.

    facial without a gap

    It is very important to know about the interval between two facials. Do you know having too much time facial without a gap can affect your skin? I think you don’t know more about that. Because it’s seen to get instant beauty many females go to the beauty parlor for facials more times in a month, But this is not right.

    Many times facials in a single month can spoil your beauty instead of shining.

    It’s important before facials you need to inform beauticians to do only facial support to your skin type or you can tell then this is your skin type and you need to use that product only.

    How to know my skin type?

    How much difference should be between the two facials?

    It depends on your age, skin type, and pollution.

    For Normal Skin

    If your skin is normal and there are no pimples etc. Then you can take a facial once in two months.

    For oily skin

    But if your skin is oily and there is a problem with blackheads, pimples, etc., then make a facial once a month.

    For sensitive skin

    Do not use any cream direct on the face. First, apply the cream on hand to see if there are any side effects. If no side effects then use that product max once a month.

    According to us, Having facials more than 2 times a month is not required for any skin type, more facial can damage the skin.

    What are the side effects of facials?

    • Sensitive skin can feel itching.
    • You may be allergic to any specific product.
    • By doing too many facials, the pH balance of the skin can worsen.
    • Due to repeated facials, the skin’s natural moisture can be lost.
    • Chemical products are harmful to the face, so use minimum only.
    • Redness of skin, which keeps the risk of skin infection.
    • For oily skin pimples problem seen.
    Many types of facials available in the market which facial should I use?

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