5 Tips why choose a serviced apartments rather than a hotel


One of the most commonly asked questions “Why pick serviced apartments over hotels?”, the answer is you will get a lot of benefits by picking a equipped/serviced apartment over a hotel, some of the best reasons we listed here:-


5 Tips why choose a serviced apartments

#1 Charges will be per apartment not per person: As we all know Hotels charge per person so if you are with family then hotels will be very costly for you, this is the best benefit you will save lot of your money by pick a service/equipped apartment.

#2 This is your own space:- Services apartments like homes with lot of space like bedroom, living room and a fully equipped kitchen, and as be know about hotel rooms you have fixed space don’t have more space to move.

#3 Privacy and safety:- You have more privacy and safety in apartments over a hotel most of apartments located within the city, so apartment can be near your workplace.

#4 No limitations for guest:- As you have lot of space you can invited guests as your choice, you are not living per person basis so your guest can stay with you.

#5 Best for travelers You can stay one night or you can live for a month.

Serviced Apartments are great for Families (will save lot of money any more privacy), Corporate travelers(will get more space to meetings), Patients (as you have your own kitchen you can eat as your needs), Relocation (if you need relocation Often)

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