Top 10 Skyscrapers magic of architecture


Top 10 Skyscrapers and high rise buildings In The World, This list of tallest buildings in the world skyscrapers ranks by height. Only buildings included, non-building structures like towers not included. These tallest structures are the magic of architecture and prove the of human power over the world.


List of Top 10 Skyscrapers magic of architecture

Burj Khalifa (United Arab Emirates)

Floors: 163 Height: 828 m
Skyscrapers Burj Khalifa


Shanghai Tower, China

Floors: 128 Height: 632 m

Skyscrapers Shanghai Tower


Abraj Al-Bait Clock Tower (Saudi Arabia)

Floors: 120 Height: 601 m
Skyscrapers Abraj Al Bait Clock Tower


Ping An Finance Centre (China)

Floors: 115 Height: 599 m
Skyscrapers Ping An Finance Centre


Lotte World Tower (South Korea)

Floors: 123 Height: 554.5 m
Skyscrapers Lotte World Tower


One World Trade Center(United States)

Floors: 104 Height: 541.3  m
Skyscrapers One World Trade Center


CTF Finance Centre (China)

Floors: 111 Height: 530 m
Skyscrapers CTF Finance Centre


Taipei 101 (Taiwan Republic of China)

Floors: 101 Height: 508 m
Skyscrapers Taipei 101


Shanghai World Financial Center(China)

Floors: 101 Height: 492 m
Skyscrapers Shanghai World Financial Center


International Commerce Centre (Hong Kong, China)

Floors: 118 Height: 484 m
Skyscrapers International Commerce Centre

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