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Is artificial intelligence a curse for jobs?

Artificial Intelligence

Today, this question is in the mind of almost everyone, because everyone is confused by AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Basic Building Blocks Of AI

First, we need to be clear about AI (Artificial Intelligence) Basic Building Blocks, then we can understand AI clearly. These are the basic building blocks for AI using that you can Clare more

  • AI is an advanced form of machine learning.
  • Systems working on AI are capable of self-learning without any external data.
  • AI is the only intelligent systems that learn from experience and use machine learning algorithms.

Will AI eliminate jobs?

Yes, it is true that AI will change a lot of jobs, according to a report, AI will replace or completely eliminate the current format of about 70-75 million jobs by 2022.

Will AI create new jobs?

But the good thing is that AI will create a lot of new jobs, which report says that AI will completely change or eliminate the present form of about 70-75 million jobs by 2022, the same report also claims It is expected that by the year 2022 AI will produce about 130–135 million new jobs.

What kind of new jobs will AI generate in the market?

The jobs arising from AI will be such as AI Engineer / Developer, Business Intelligence Developer, Data Analyst, Machine Learning Scientist, Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Research Scientist, etc.

Which areas have future prospects and opportunities for AI?

Better Healthcare
Better Transportation System
Better farming
Better education
Good Home Security

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