Which Apple Watch should you buy?

Which Apple Watch should you buy?

Apple’s big iPhone reveal on Tuesday was a hardware extravaganza, with the new $999 iPhone X sucking up a lot of the air in the company’s lavish new Steve Jobs Theatre.

Photo by theverge.com

But the Apple Watch, more so than any of the less-prominent (and less-expensive) Apple products shown off, earned some significant onstage time, thanks to an introduction of the new LTE-capable Apple Watch Series 3.

We pretty much knew the device was coming, just as we all had a good idea of what the iPhone X would look like and how much it would cost.

(It helps, too, that an image the Apple Watch Series 3 could be dug up in a firmware leak of iOS 11 last weekend.) Still, now we have all the details about how Apple managed to fit LTE into its smartwatch and preserve……



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