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The company that makes AK-47s just built a working hoverbike

The Russian company that makes the iconic AK-47 machine gun is branching out into rideables — specifically flying rideables.

(Is that a thing?) Kalashnikov Concern— part of the Russian defense giant Rostec, which is named after AK-47 designer Mikhail Kalashnikov — demonstrated its unnamed prototype on Monday, according to Popular Mechanics.

It looks similar to a handful of drone-quadcopter-hoverbike hybrids that we’ve seen popping up around the internet with increasing frequency.

Kalashnikov is calling it a “flying car,” but that seems more aspirational than accurate.

Without a wheel-base, it’s a hard to see how anyone could mistake this thing for a car.

Of course, that hasn’t stopped a variety of companies from mislabeling their……



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