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New trailers: Mr. Robot, Marvel’s Inhumans, and more

Not to sound like your dad, but every movie now is at least half an hour too long, right? I went to see Logan Lucky this past weekend because I guess I’m an Adam Driver fan now and I needed to figure out if Daniel Craig was bald or just blond (blond, for the record).

Anyway, the movie got to a point where it seemed like it was almost over, and I thought, “This was pretty good, even though Adam Driver’s Southern accent was insane.” But then, it turns out, the movie wasn’t over yet, and there was this whole secondary plot.

So by the time I left the theater I was mostly thinking, “Man, that movie was too long.”I’ve been thinking that a lot recently, and for all the faults some trailers have (they ruin all the good jokes, make good movies……



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