New trailers: Avengers, Black Mirror, Batman Ninja, and more

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I was a little skeptical about going to see Coco last weekend, since I’ve heard mixed things about some of the recent Pixar films.

Aside from the studio’s shorts (which have been very good!), I haven’t seen anything it’s put out since Up, which was around the time Pixar started really leaning into sequels.But it turns out my worries were for nothing, as Coco really is a sweet, fun movie.

And while I think it could probably do with a smoother first act, the film as a whole gets into some really tough issues — like abusive men and absent fathers — and deals with them in surprisingly direct ways for a kids movie.If you go, my only advice is this: wait to get popcorn during the Frozen short.

You’ll have time.Check out nine trailers from……

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