What is mean of non-commercial and commercial website/blog

This is a common term we found on most of Websites/RSS feeds ‘You can use this content for non-commercial use’ but no more definition they provided about non-commercial.


here we try to describe what is mean of non-commercial and commercial use of content.

Commercial Use of content

Ads on your website/blog then it’s commercial use of content.


You sell a product or service on your Website/blog, it means you are doing commercial activities on your site.


Use of the RSS feeds or third party content to build traffic for your website/blog, means commercial use of content.


Non Commercial website


NGO websites they don’t have any ads on their sites or any type of payment, we think if you have donation link on your website then it is not commercial as it’s non profitable.


School/college websites they want to help students for free without any charge.


Your personal website/blog without ads with your own content.


Research and private study

If you want to use any content/feed then you need to contact feed/content provider before use of their content, if that is copyrighted.



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