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is PayTm safe to make transactions online?

PayTm Wallet to make transactions

Safe To Use PayTm Wallet to make transactions then many peoples will say Yes, PayTm is widely used in India and most of the peoples are using PayTm Wallet to make transactions online,  the problem is only you can face problems if your payment unsuccessful and your bank account debited because there is no true customer care of PayTm to help you instantly.

No true customer care of PayTm means they don’t have Phone Customer Service. They have a phone number but you will surprise when you will only get an email address to sent your problem details in a recorded voice.

You have only one email option where you can send your problem, and the email response can take approx 7 days, But it’s not sure in response of PayTM your problem will be solved, 99% PayTm will try to email like that we are checking your problem, means after 7 days they will check and this checking can take next 10-15 days.

Now think till 15 days your money not returned by PayTm, which you paid for your electric bill or any other bill and within 15 days you need to pay your bill again with other money because there is no guaranty when you will receive your money.

Now you can say PayTM is not safe to purchase and transfer money.

Here is a true story provided by a user to us and after verify we posted it here:

A person paid a bill through Paytm and payment failed at Paytm side, after contact customer care by email PayTm sent a reply to him after 3-4 days, the reply was “Due to huge traffic your payment will be refunded within 7 days”.

Now seven days went no refund and no email about the issue so that person posted on twitter @PMOIndia.

Now user surprised Paytm deleted that failed transaction after Tweeted on twitter to @PMOIndia and replied him please provide to us your order id, think how can that user provide order id for a deleted order, as a trust on PayTm user not saved any screenshot.

Now user called to the bank but they said they paid money to Paytm and provided a reference number to give Paytm and try to solve the issue.

Now round and round process started again, do you think how? then answer is now user needs to sent email again and need to wait a response depends on PayTm.

After 3 days without any reply from PayTM user again contacted to the bank and the bank raised a complaint about the issue, now bank told him they will contact to PayTm, after bank involvement they refunded the amount into Paytm wallet, not in the bank account means money still was in their hand.

All that process takes 18 days which is not easy for a person in India, and the user said he never received a reply of PayTm after providing reference number given by the bank.

Also, it’s possible with Payment Wallets if your payment Wallet account hacked or leaked by service provider then anyone can charge your credit card if linked with wallet, and it’s possible in India due to weak online security system used by Payment Wallets like PayTm.

In our advice, you can use PayTm Wallet to make transactions online but use securely on your phone and never save credit card or bank account to make auto transactions.