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How to Backup Facebook Data

Backup Facebook Data

If you are thinking to stop us of social site Facebook by any regions and want to delete your facebook account permanently, Then our suggestion is you should backup Facebook data like your post and photos, so you can keep your memories for the future.

It’s also possible your account can be hacked as everyday thousand of facebook account hacked or accessed by unauthorized hackers, so a backup of your post or photos can be useful for you if it’s happened.

Using a Facebook backup data feature, you would be able to download the backup of the following:

  • Your Facebook profile photos, Videos, posts, messages, and Facebook chat history
  • Your friend’s name list with friend email but emails depends on your friend privacy setting.

Using some simple steps you can backup Facebook data, here are the steps to backup Facebook data.

How to Backup Facebook Data?

  1. After Log on to your Facebook account, Click on the arrow sign on the top right side select submenu ACCOUNT SETTINGS.
  2. On the “ACCOUNT SETTINGS” page click on the option “Your Facebook information”
  3. On “Your Facebook Information” screen click on the option “Download Your Information”
  4. On “Download Your Information screen” select the checkboxes you want to download and uncheck you don’t want to download, by default all options will show selected
  5. You can also select All data backup or specific date data backup and format of download backup file
  6. Now click on ‘Create File’ button.
  7. Now your facebook data download data process will start.
  8. Facebook will notify you by email when your file is ready to download.
  9. After file ready to download you can find the backup file under “Available Files” tab on “Download Your Information” screen.
  10. Backup files will be available for some days only.

Your download file size depends on your data on Facebook.

After download facebook data, you can go for the next step which you want to do with data.

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