GoPro’s Karma drone is getting a ‘follow’ mode

GoPro’s Karma drone is getting a ‘follow’ mode

Faithful fans of the ill-fated GoPro Karma drone who were holding out hope for a sequel this year are going to be disappointed.

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While GoPro did mention the Karma during its big Hero 6 Black event today, it only did so in the capacity of a new software update.

And even there, those updates are meager.

The highlight is that GoPro is adding two new shooting modes called “Follow” and “Watch.” But while those names might evoke something along the lines of the computer vision-driven, subject-tracking modes on DJI’s drones, they’re not quite as robust.

Instead, both modes rely on the drone keeping the Karma controller in the frame instead of using any sort of algorithmic object recognition.

Watch is for when you want the drone to stay put……



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