EVE Online is getting a mobile spinoff

EVE Online is getting a mobile spinoff

The vast sci-fi universe of EVE Online is coming to your smartphone.

Photo by theverge.com

This evening EVE developer CCP Games announced a new spinoff of the massively multiplayer game, that will be released in a handful of countries in “the near future,” before getting a full global launch sometime next year.

The free-to-play game is called Project Aurora, and is being developed by Finnish mobile studio PlayRaven.The new game looks surprisingly like EVE, which first launched in 2003 and offers a dizzyingly complex universe for players to explore.

“For years and years we have wanted to bring the EVE universe to mobile devices in a way that is tailored to the platform and EVE fans,” CCP CEO Hilmar Veigar Pétursson said in a statement.Here’s how the……



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