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Copenhagen Wheel review: a bike that makes you feel like a superhero

I ride my bike into work several days a week.

The trip is just under four miles, with a lot of traffic lights, and a decent incline up one half of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Google Maps estimates it should take 23 minutes on a bicycle, and on an ordinary bike, that was usually what I found as well.

When the weather is nice, the ride can be a real pleasure.

The bits I like least are getting stuck at a red light or behind a tourist snapping selfies in the bike lane on the bridge.

It’s also a bit uncomfortable on warm days, when I might show up to the office dripping sweat.So I jumped at the chance to test out the Copenhagen Wheel from Superpedestrian.

A large hub in the center of your rear wheel contains a motor, battery, and sensor package….…



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