Anker’s Nebula Mars portable projector review

Anker’s Nebula Mars portable projector review

If you, like me, spend a lot of time shouldering the nagging anxiety of an ever-depleting phone battery, you’ve probably heard of Anker.

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The company, a Chinese accessory maker that’s grown into a consumer electronics juggernaut these past few years, is the leading maker of portable USB battery packs.

But CEO Steven Yang has big ambitions: he wants Anker, with its reputation for high-quality and low-cost products, to be just one brand of many in a sprawling and trusted ecosystem covering every big electronics category.

The company has already launched the Eufy smart home brand, and more recently it introduced the Zolo headphone line.

And now there’s Nebula.

Anker is marketing Nebula and its very first product, the Nebula Mars portable……



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