How To Write The Perfect Resume and Prepare For Interview?


Your resume is a key to get success in the interview, Interviewer read you and your experience by reading your resume, as your resume included your past jobs, work experience, education everything.

Your resume should match with your new job profile, like if you applied for a Manager job then you need to include skills related to management, for a manager post you cannot add skills like that you are working in this field 10 years, because they are looking for a manager, not an employee, they have employees already they need a person who can control them.

Any of your mistakes in the resume can give a wrong idea to that person who is taking your interview.

Points you need to cover in your resume:-

Contact information
Include your correct contact information with match of your documents, because they can ask you to show address related document, so before go to interview check your CV properly, as your address can change, if you changed your room or home, if you are an actor then add your photographs, your email address and mobile number should be in your contact information, if anything is wrong then there is 40% chance to rejected.

Your objective should be according to your job, your included objective can give wrong or right effect, it should be not false and not smarter, Because they know you just want to impress them, So it should be according your job that you applied for, like for a General Manager post you added ‘My first vision will be to increase sales of company”, then what they will think we have sale manager already what is need of that.

Qualifications & skills
Your added skills should match with your job, because they are the main point in your resume, The first question can be related to your skills, So if you added anything about that you don’t know then this can give a very bad effect, If you don’t know; then you need to know about that before include in the resume, then you will be able to replay them.

They can ask a question on based on your resume skills, so only include those skills you are master of them, so when they ask questions you can give a quick reply, quick reply is very important in an interview.

Your previous work experience:-
Include your past work experience, show your past work like that they can impress, as experience is most effective part of the resume, they will take idea using that you are able to handle the position of the company or not, But remember only include relevant work experience

Spelling & grammar
The most effective point of resume if you made a single spelling or grammar mistake you need to pay penalty for that. If they focused your mistake, otherwise you are lucky. You have a 60 % chance for rejection if they focused.

Personal experiences
Also include your personal experience related to the job, as this part will b extra to show that you are the right candidate for this job.

If you don’t have work experience then the personal experience can be a key point for you, you can show yourself by demonstration of your personal skills.

Computer skills
The Computer knowledge is must so you need to add computer related skills and experience, You also need to have knowledge of that.

What NOT to include in your resume and NOT show in your interview

Here ae some important points you don’t need to include in your resume, they can give a negative impact:-

  • Your health-related issue
  • Your private information
  • Your gender
  • Your feelings

Last and final your resume should be easy to read, don’t try to be smart with interviewer they are already smarter, they taken a lot of interviews, think like that you are not first.


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