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Top 7 Most Hardest Player Positions in Sports

Hardest Player Positions

We all know playing sport is very joyful and watching that is more joyful and entertaining, but we do not know in the playground how many difficulties a player face on their position during the game and what is the hardest player positions.

In a sport every player position is very important as each game depends on each player but some players play a very hard role in the game. you will read in this article about top 7 hardest player positions in the play ground.

Top 7 Most Player Hardest Positions in Sports

1. Keeper(Football): Football Keeper position is very hardest position because the size of goal net, we all know a person can not cover full goal net with their height. It is not easy to stop the goal of the front team, this requires a lot of experience, concentration, and agility.

2. Goalie(Hockey): It is very difficult to stop the ball coming at a speed of more than 100 miles per hour. Your eyes should not be missed the ball even for 1 moment and your body must be fast enough, then you can face the ball coming from the fast speed.

3. Catcher(Baseball): Catcher position is hardest position in baseball, To catch a ball coming from 100 miles per hour need very strong heart, hand, and eye.

4. Center (Basketball): Most of the people think that basketball is not a mentally game, but if you ask this question to a center positions player you can understand that because center positions player need to be aware of each player in the game, center positions player needs to pass the ball to right player and all this depends on center player mental strength.

5. Midfielder(Soccer): You will not believe that a top midfielder has to finish approx 8000 meters of regular race during the game, For this, you have a very strong body.

6. Wicket-Keeper(Cricket): The Wicket-Keeper has the ability to catch the ball coming from any speed, the baller keeps making regular changes to his speed, as well as to prevent the run players likes to throw the ball towards the wicket-keeper because wicket-keeper has the ability to stop the through coming on a very fast speed, during the stumps wicket-keeper eys should be on the ball and the batsman’s feet then stump out is possible.

7. Scrum-Half(Rugby): Rugby is a most physical strength sports, Therefore all players must be strong, in the rugby, Scrum-Half needs to take the decision quickly and smartly. A Scrum-Half cannot off his eyes from the ball and players for single movement throughout the game.