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6 Home Indoor Sports To Time Pass

Home Indoor Sports

Are you bored at home and are not able to go outside due to bad weather or do not want to go? Do you want to do something exciting at home? but not getting any idea what to do.

Don’t worry we are going to tell you best home indoor sports you can play and enjoy your life without going out.

Here Are List of Home Indoor Sports You Can Play


It’s a very common game and each house you can found carrom board, if not then you can buy it with little of money. It’s easy to play and 4 persons can play at a time.

If you are only single then you can also play this game but like that you will not enjoy, but if you just want to time pass then you can play.

Table Tennis

Yes it’s common it’s very costly and everyone doesn’t have a Teniss Table at home but don’t worry you just purchase roll-net, 2 table tennis racket and ball.

Using roll-net you can change any table to table teniss table and can start playing.

if you are only one and want to play table tennis then you also have option you can play with wall using your racket and ball.

Indoor Basketball

To play Indoor Basketball you need a basket and ball, i suppose most the peoples have the ball in their house so you just need to purchase a basket.

Fit your basket to the wall or any poll and start playing with your ball, for a fun.


Archery is a great game for kids, every kid loves to play with archery. If you just know one game to play with archery then you need to use your search skills just go online and find many great games on google those you can play with archery

Adults can also enjoy this game but will be not so much entertaining if kids are not with you.

Card games

There are many card games that you can play at home to have fun. Card games are great for adults to have fun for a long time. If you don’t know to play card games then you can find 100 types of different card games on google.

Hide and Seek

We all have played this game in our childhood, and we all know that it is very fun to play hide and seek. This game very easy to play and most important you don’t need to invest anything in this game.

You can start playing Hide and Seek any time any where with your friends or family members.

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