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Top 10 Largest and Strongest Air Force in the World

strongest Air Forces in the World

Most of the nations have powerful air forces in order to protect against external attacks and the main power of a country depends on the air force, and the strongest air force means a number of aircraft, quality of aircraft, experienced pilots, and technology they are using.

Fighter planes are the backbone for any air force. The compression is based on the number of fighter plans, the technology country using and the defence budget of the country, Here is a list of the Top 10 Largest and strongest Air Forces in the World.

List of Top 10 Largest and Strongest Air Force in the World

1. United States Air Force, USA

Total Number of aircraft: 5638
Fighter plane: 3,680
Defence budget: $612.5 billion

2. Russian Air Force, Russia

Total Number of aircraft: 10000
Fighter plane: 4500
Defence budget: $76.6 billion

3. People’s Liberation Army Air Force, China

Total Number of aircraft: 2500
Fighter plane: 2000
Defence budget: $126 billion

4. Indian Air Force, India

Total Number of aircraft: 1500
Fighter plane: 300
Defence budget: $40.4 billion

5. Israel Air Force, Israel

Total Number of aircraft: 1964
Fighter plane: 396
Defence budget: $18.6 billion

6. Royal Air Force (RAF), United Kingdom

Total Number of aircraft: 1004
Fighter plane: 240
Defence budget: $54 billion

7. French Air Force, France

Total Number of aircraft: 400
Fighter plane: 300
Defence budget: $43 billion

8. Republic of Korea Air Force, South Korea

Total Number of aircraft: 794
Fighter plane: 264
Defence budget: $40 billion

9. Japan Air Self-Defense Force, Japan

Total Number of aircraft: 805
Fighter plane: 424
Defence budget: $42 billion

10. The Luftwaffe (Nazi air force), Germany

Total Number of aircraft: 5000
Fighter plane: 467
Defence budget: $32.9 billion

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The best technology, best fighter plans and best pilots are required to be the strongest Air force of the world, A air force can change the war in a few minutes, so all countries are updating their technology and Defense equipment from time to time to face enemies and external attacks.