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To Be remember 7 Rules of Life

Rules of Life

To be successful you should be a happy person, to be happy you need to set some rules in your life and follow them properly. Here are rules of life if you will remember them then you will never feel sad in your life.

if you are sad then you can motivate yourself by these simple rules of life

1. Let It Go

It’s normal and happens with most of the persons. A lot of peoples are finishing their great life by thinking on past bad days, we need to forget them and go to on the next step to make our present great, in one line we can say

"Never ruin a good day by thinking about a bad yesterday"

2. Ignore Them

Ignoring others is an art and you should know that art, because when you will try to ignore then there will be 1000 excuses that will stop you to do that and force you to listen to others.

3. Give It Time

You can forget everything if you will wait. We always do damage in anger and hurry, so this line is very famous

"Time Heals Everything" 

4. Don’t Compare

If you compare yourself with others or someone is comparing you with others then stop them yourself and others to do that. Because all this can break you and causes great difficulty in your struggle life. instead, compare remember this

"The only person you should try to beat is the person you were yesterday"

5. Stay Calm

If someone else is bothering you, try to be calm instead of angry and fighting. Whatever the problem is, do it in peace. A calm mind will definitely show you the way. These three magical words may help you “It is ok”

6. It’s On You

No one can give you happiness, because it is a thing to feel happy, happiness will come out of you. Only you are the source of your happiness. Other people can only bother you.

"Only You are In charge of your happiness"

6. Smile

It is said that a smile is a medicine for all sorrows, so always keep smiling. In this way, you will be happy and will give happiness to others.

"Life is short. Enjoy it while you have it"

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