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Requirements to apply USA Study Visa

USA study visa

The USA is one of the most favorite country for students, Want to study in the USA (United States of America) then you need to apply for a USA study visa . Apply process for a USA study visa can take a long time, so you need to start your preparations in advance, approx three to five months before you need to start the process for students visa.

Types of USA Study Visa

  1. F Visa: F visa is for international students who want to study in a degree course at an authorized US university or college, or want to study English in a university/college or English language institute. Types of student can apply for F visa:-
    1. F-1 visa for full-time students, Students they hold F-1 visa can work on-campus for 20 hours a week, if he wants to work less then this is allowed but more than 20 hours not allowed.
    2. F-2 visa is for spouses and children of F-1 student visa holders, these are technically called dependents of F-1 visa holder.
    3. F-3 visa is for “border commuters” who reside in their country of origin while attending school in the United States.
  2. M visa: M visa is the second type of US student visa, This type of visa is for international students who want to join non-academic or vocational study or training course in an institution located in the US.M-1 students can stay in the US for a fixed time according to the length of their training course plus any practical training related to course. This visa holder can not stay more than 1 year, allowed for more than 1 year if there is any extensions due to medical reasons. Types of student can apply for M visa:
    1. M-1 visa for students they want to join vocational or non-academic courses, M-1 visa holders are not allowed to work.
    2. M-2 visa for dependents of M-1 visa holders same like an F-2 visa.
    3. M-3 visa for ‘border commuters’ same like F-3 visas, only for vocational or non-academic courses.
  3. J visa: A J-1 visa is a non-immigrant visa issued to research scholars, professors and exchange visitors participating in programs that promote cultural exchange, especially to obtain medical or business training in the USA. Types of student can apply for J visa:
    1. J-1 visa for exchange students on a related exchange program.
    2. J-2 visa for dependents of J-1 visa holders same like F-2 visa

Requirements to apply for Visa

During visa application process you will face many steps, you need to visit US embassy or consulate, so it’s important first check the instructions on the website of the embassy or consulate where you want to apply.

You need to have followed before applying for USA student Visa:

Acceptance letter
This is a basic and necessary requirement that you have to complete if you are applying for USA student visa. An acceptance letter is a confirmation from the university where you want to study, confirmation will be for university or college accepted you as a candidate for admission in any of their study program.

It’s nothing It is only an approved document that is required for VISA, but it’s very important without acceptance letter,  your chances of getting a study visa for the USA are almost null.

Good Bank Balance
A study in the USA is very costly so it is the most important requirements of getting a study visa for the USA. You should be able to show this to the embassy that you have sufficient funds in your bank and that can cover your tuition fees and all other expenses during your stay in the USA.

A good academic track record
If you are a week or average student then no university will accept you, because USA universities enroll only quality students with good academic track records.

No gaps in study
One of the most important things to keep in your mind the gap is not acceptable in most of the universities when you approach them for admission. Most of the time USA study visa is not given to students who have gaps in their study. But remember basically, gaps are not acceptable but in some special cases, it is possible for you to get a study visa for the USA.

In addition to all above, there are several other requirements for USA study visa which you have to fulfill. They cannot be same always and highly depends on a very large number of factors. Sometimes students have to arrange their own accommodation before they are given the study visa by the embassy. To know all such requirements in detail, personally, visit a consultant or visti website of the US embassy.