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How to start an online store?

online store

If you want to start a business with little investment then an online store is the best idea.

We all know very well that most of the peoples prefer online shopping, the main reason for online shopping is peoples can easily search different type of product choices with all details without more efforts.

You just need to a website or blog and you can rock in the online market, here we are telling you how to open a successful online store, if you keep these things in mind then you can earn create a profitable online store with your product or affiliate products.

How to open a successful online store?

1. To Create an Affiliate online store you need to register on an affiliate programme like Amazon affiliate Programm or any which you like most, to register on Amazon affiliate programme click here.

2. Select a niche(Product Keyword) which you want to sell on your website or blog, niche like “soccer ball”.

3. You should be comfortable with working in the niche for at least 3 to 4 months.

4. The niche should be big enough to support a site that’s at least 50 to 100 pages in size, means using your niche you can create 50-100 pages on your site.

5. Use google trends (trends.google.com) to check your niche, in google trends you can check “Interest over time”, “Interest by region”, other details in google trends are not more useful. You selected niche should have a good searching rate in “Interest over time” chart and a good number in the region where you want to sell in “Interest by region” chart.

6. Now register a domain using whois.com, godaddy.com or any domain registration provider, during register domain keep in your mind domain should b easily rememberable, Never register a domain like that “bestsoccerball.com” or “soccerballstore.com”, you can register a domain like dreamsshop.com.

7. Purchase a hosting and install WordPress, now create 50-100 page using WordPress admin panel, Pages like “Best soccer ball”, “soccer balls size 5”, “Adidas soccer balls reviews”, “cheap soccer balls reviews”, in each title you need to use “Best” or “Reviews” because most of the peoples search using those keywords on google or other search engines.

8. Using WordPress admin panel add follwoing plugins yoast seo(best search engine optimization plugin), w3 total cache or wp super cache (Both are Best WordPress Caching Plugins).

9. Most important is content on pages, your created page content should be unique and helpful for search engines, then your site will rank and you will earn money, if you can not write good content then higher a content writer to create 50-100 pages for your site using your centre keyword “soccer ball”.

10. On all created pages add up to 10 similar affiliate products in a list. You can use following columns in product list -> Product “Image”, “Name”, “Price” and “Affiliate store link”.

11. All added products cot should be minimum $50 and at least 1000 reviews on Amazon if you are using Amazon affiliate programme because if you will add lower amount product then commission will be not enough to earn money and if the product does not have more reviews means product not selling more.

11. After done all submit your site to Google, Yahoo and Bing with a sitemap, if you will use Yost SEO then sitemap will auto create.

12. Now wait for 7-8 months to rank your content in search engines, if all is done well then your site will rank and you will start earning a good amount.

13. Check your site time to time and update plugins on the new release, but remember to take the backup before update otherwise you can damage your site.

After all of that, you need to take service of a better SEO person in starting to market your site on social media and create a good amount of good backlinks.

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