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Do You Know Art of Saying ‘No'(How To Say No?)

Art of Saying 'No'

Do you know Art of Saying ‘No’ it’s not easy? Most of the friends and relatives without any reason just want to take financial benefits. At that time saying no is very difficult because on say ‘No’ directly to them it’s possible your relationship with them can break easily.

Helping others is not bad and we need to help, it’s our duty and due to humanity we need to do this for the person in need,

But 90% of the time they just use us to take benefits without any requirement and emergency and that time you should know the Art of Saying ‘No’.

If a person in the problem needs your help, then you should help that person.

At that time you can feel what to do now, and how to say ‘No’. This will be a confusing position for you when someone wants to borrow money and we don’t want to give them, as we know very well he is not able to return on time when we need our money, but as he is connected with us so saying ‘No’ not so simple, if we direct say no then we can break our relationships, but you need to be ready to say ‘No’ if someone wants to take financial benefits

I face that type of problem many times in my life, so I created this post which solution I found for that.

In that condition what is the Art of Saying ‘No’.

here is some option for you can use to save your money and relationship:

  • First don’t give much time to friends and relatives because if you will sit with him longer then you will be unable to say ‘No’, try to avoid for some time but with a clear reason so this will not affect your relations.
  • You can say him that you are not in that position you can help with money but you are ready to help any other way like you can help to get the discount or can help physically with non-financial ways.
  • Try to fix a meeting with a person who is doing that on interest basis so his problem can solve and you can save your money without saying no, in the meeting you can say “You were asking for money and this is the right place for you meet my friend he can help you in your financial problem”.
  • Show your problems and tell him about your responsibilities and liabilities.
  • If you are a business owner you can say your business needs more money to invest and you are also looking for a loan etc or you can say it’s possible when my business need money you will be unable to give back to me and my business needs investment time to time and some time without any requirement we need to invest for upgrade product and services.
  • If the person is not so important you can say direct no and it’s necessary to save your money because in most cases we need to pray to get back our money.
  • If you are unable to say ‘No’ and found any point is not working for you mentioned above.

    then you need to give him a loan on a small interest rate as market or try to give on bank interest rates with a clear plan of a return date, so he can return on time like that he will realize interest will increase if he will not return on time.

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