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How to remember pre-study topics (In 15 minutes)

How to remember pre-study topics

Often we are unable to remember pre-study topics. Sometimes it seems that we forget the topics we have memorized. Today we study all with hard work and the next day we feel they are not in memory, now we need to remember everything again.

While some people do not forget and they memorize easily what is the reason behind that. We also work hard in studies, but we forget that and many of us friends still in their memory, any time you can ask them and they can tell you easily, such people are called intelligent in class or group.

Here we will discuss how you can remember pre-study topics easily, this will not take more than 15 minutes in a day

It’s not difficult you just keep in mind these simple points

  • Create short notes or just a list of points you are learning each day.
  • Only easy day practice can help you remember pre-study topics.
  • Before starting a new topic just in 15 minutes give a little attention to your past notes or points you learned already.
  • Give your 90% to new learning and 10% to past studies.
  • The new study will not let you get bored, so pay more attention to the new studies.
  • You can close your eyes during recall your past notes.

You will feel the first day a topic has taken 2-3 minutes in remembering, the same topic will take 1 minute to remember the next day, and in next day you can recall that again in just half a minute.

This will help to memorize all pre-studies and learn new topics without forgetting. Keep in mind only practice is the way to remember all you have learned already so practics about past topics are necessary.

One day you will feel that topic in fixed in your mind and you can recall in just seconds without any problem.

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