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Top 5 work fields to make six figure income online

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Nobody wants to struggle, want to earn more and more by simple efforts, but it’s part of the process you need to hard work if you want to make six figure income, you can make six figure income by many ways and online income is one of them, this is the best way if you have good knowledge in any field you just need to connect your ability with online business.

Here are some fields using you can make six figure income with some efforts, but you should have passion in your field or you can start learning to make an expert.

List of Top 5 work fields to make six figure income online

1. SEO

The search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most profitable work, Most of the business has a website and all want to show their presence on the web, this is the work of SEO person he need to show website presence on the web in search engines like Google, Bing, Baidu and many more.

This is a regular and high profitable work as website presence is all time requirement while website and product want online sale or marketing, You can work for a company or you can start freelancing SEO work. SEO work is widely available for a freelancer on freelancer.com, elance.com, and guru.com, all of 3 websites are the top leader in the market, you just need to create your account and start bidding on SEO projects.

2. Blogging

If you are a good writer and can write articles to attract peoples on a topic then choose a topic on that you can write an article on regular basis, choose a topic which can attract site visitors, you just need to create your website/blog or you can use any free services like blogger.com or wordpress.com where you can write blog post(Articles).

IF you have command on a specific area like you have good knowledge or recipes then you can post your recipes in your blog or website and can earn through advertises network. Read another post to know more about ad networks

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Please make sure add network support or not support free blog created on WordPress.com or Blooger.com, all ad networks will work on own website and blog. For own blog/website, you need to buy hosting and domain name and just install WordPress or take service any expert to install WordPress, WordPres is best to blogging.

3. Consulting Services

If you are an accountant or expert in any field then you can provide consulting services, just need to create a website and higher any SEO to popular your website so you can get inquiries, you can add a paid live chat system on your site.

4. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is very popular to start a business without having any product or knowledge in that area, you just need to promote other websites products or services on your site, the famous affiliate provider sites is cj.com, amazon.com, and each famous site has their affiliate programme, if any product will sell through your site then you will get commission on sales like that you can earn more and more, for that you need a website and any expert who can help you to add affiliate product, links, and banners.

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5. Photography

If you are a photographer then you can earn money to sell your amazing photos on image stock sites, now-days image in biggest requirement of a website as image say more than content, people understand better by seen an image instead read a content, you can start selling images on your own websites also or use any stock sites and earn money by just paying small commission to that site.