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Top 5 Places in India for The Best Holi Celebration And Experience

Holi in Mathura

Holi is a popular Hindu festival. Holi celebrated throughout India. After Diwali Holi is the most famous festival in India. Holi celebrations get started from Vasant Panchami 40 days before the main day of Holi in Mathura and Vrindavan temples, According to the Hindu calendar Holi celebrated in Phalgun Purnima, Holi is known as the festival of colours.

Here is the list of Best 5 places of India where you can enjoy and feel the best Holi experience and pleasure of festival, You will never forget the Holi festival if you will celebrate in the following places:-

List of Top 5 Places in India for The Holi Celebration

Holi in Barsana, Uttar Pradesh

Barsana is is the birthplace of Radha. Holi of Barsana is unique because the day of Holi the women hit men with sticks, and the men are allowed to protect themselves with shields, so it’s called “Lath Mar Holi”.

The lath mar Holi of Barsana is famous worldwide. “Lath Mar Holi” only celebrated in Barsana in over all India.

Holi in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh

Mathura in Holi
The Holi of Mathura is most famous throughout the country and whole world. Holy of Mathura attracts Holi lovers and pilgrims from all over the world.

Mathura is the birth place of Lord Krishna, so it’s most famous throughout the India.

Holi in Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh

phool holi Vrindavan
Vrindavan is the place where Lord Krishna spent his childhood, Vrindavan’s Banke Bihari Temple’s Holi celebrations is world famous, it’s famous because in Banke Bihari temple the festival celebrates with traditions, devotion, and serenity.

You will love to feel and enjoy Vrindavan Holi in Banke Bihari Temple, In the temple to celebrate Holi dry or wet colours not used, To celebrate Holi they use flowers, so it’s called “Phoolon Wali Holi” (Flower’s Holi).

Holi in Shanti Niketan, West Bengal

Holi in Shanti Niketan
The Holi festival is known as the Basanta Utsav in Shanti Niketan. The Basanta Utsav is inspired by spring(Basant Ritu) and the colours of Holi, The Basant Utsav started by Rabindranath Tagore in the occasion as an annual event in his Vishva Bharati University.

In the “Shanti Niketan” Holi celebrates with colours, flowers, cultural events, dance programs, folk music and other fun activities.

Holi in Anandpur Sahib, Punjab

Holi in Anandpur Sahib
Hola Mahalla is a one-day Sikh festival celebrated every year in the month of March and sometimes parallel with the Sikh New Year, a day after Holi. The festival Hola Mahalla celebrated over three days and it retains the character of fun and joy of Holi.

The fair held at Anandpur Sahib traditionally a three-day event but participants attend Anandpur Sahib for a week, camping out and enjoying various displays of fighting prowess and bravery, and listening to kirtan, music, and poetry.