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10 Tips To Improve Handwriting Easily and Quickly

Improve Handwriting

Good handwriting is very important for a student. Good handwriting is admired all over the place.  If your handwriting is not good, then you have to raise a lot of embarrassment. But you can improve handwriting with some of the tips given here, this is not difficult you can easily Improve Handwriting.

The person whose writing is so beautiful, his personality is considered as equally attractive. In exams there is a big advantage of good writing, at first sight, your writing will leave an impression on the examiner. Your writing is a mirror of your personality and intelligence.

10 Tips To Improve Handwriting (How to Improve Handwriting)

  1. More practice: We all know practice makes man perfect, more practice will Improve writing, every day you need to write a minimum 5 minutes.
  2. Write slowly: Try to write slowly, the writing does not seem to be correct when you write quickly.
  3. Write with the lower pressure: Do not write with the presser, with more presser, letters will be thicker and your writing will not look good
  4. Play finger games: Play finger game to make your fingers flexible, So when you will write then your fingers will adjust on pen softly with grip.
  5. Pay attention to words Size: Keep the size of all the words same according to the letters, if the size is not the same, the handwriting does not look right.
  6. Your Position: Your position is most important during writing. Keep your position in the mind and write straight. Do not write In the position of Lie down or crooked.
  7. Write in line: Your every word and letter should be in line, if you will write in a line then your handwriting will be so much beautiful.
  8. Use a grip pen: Use a grip pen, so during writing, your fingers will not slide down on the pen and your hold on pen will be more strong.
  9. Space between words: Keep the same space between words, do not write words too close, keep little distance and this distance should be same for all words.
  10. Do not write too long: Writing for a long time causes the writing to get worse, so break after a while.

After following all guidelines you can change your bad handwriting into a beautiful handwriting. you just need to do some practice in starting and after some time you will feel your writing is improving.

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