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10 Interesting Facts About The Moon

About The Moon

About The Moon, Scientists believe that 450 million years ago, a meteor called “Thaiya” collided with the earth, and some part of the earth broke down, which became a moon. The Moon is a natural satellite of our planet.

10 Interesting Facts About The Moon

  1. The moon size is just 27 percent of the earth size.
  2. Neil Armstrong steps on the land of the moon is still there and will remain the same for the next few millions of years Because there is no atmosphere on the moon that can erase the mark.
  3. If your weight is 70 kg on the earth, then your weight on the moon will be 11.57 kg due to the low gravity of the moon, Human body weight is only 16.5% of the body weight on the moon compared to earth.
  4. The diameter of the moon is just the fourth part of the diameter of the earth and about 49 moons can fit into the earth.
  5. India has discovered water on the moon, it was already believed that there would be water on the moon but no one was successful.
  6. The moon revolves around its axis at a speed of 1.022 kilometers per second, while the earth’s speed is only 465 meters per second.
  7. Without moon the day on earth will be only for six hours.
  8. The Moon is the fifth largest natural planets in the Solar System’s 63 Planets.
  9. During the day, the temperature of one part of the moon reaches 123 ° C where the sunlight is held, while the other part temperature drops to -153 degrees Celsius.
  10. It is not possible to talk to each other on the moon because there is no atmosphere.

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