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How to say bye alcohol drinking habits

    How to say bye alcohol drinking habits

    A person who drinking on daily basis for him making the decision to say bye alcohol drinking can be hard because drinking alcohol is converted to his daily habits like a food.

    Most of Americans and persons from cold countries are affected by alcohol and they want to say bye alcohol drinking but they are unable to do this easily as it’s now a requirement of the body for those persons, without drink they can not work and think.

    But if you decided to say bye alcohol then you can do it, you need to prepare self for that; try to follow points mentioned here in your life and we think you will be able to do that easily

    1- Prepare mentally: You need to prepare self mentally for that, for some time avoid the gathering but it is not mean you need to be alone, you need to busy with someone else or in any work, try to find friends they are not drinking.

    2- Start meditation and Yoga: You can control the mind by regular practice of meditation, like that when your body will say to get alcohol you can prepare self to say no that and your mind will help you, by simple steps of Yoga you can control on your body dullness which you can feel for some time after drop your alcohol habit.

    3- Join a program or course: Find a course or program which can help you to drop your habits, you will learn lot of there and will be able to drop your habit easily.

    4- Meet the doctor and use suggest medicians: Using medicines you can also control your drinking habits or completely say bye, meet the doctor and tell him about your drinking habits and use suggested medicines, don’t use medicines show in newspaper or T.V. without consult to doctor.

    5- Find a way for entertainment: Drinking started from entertainment and after some time it’s changed to habit so you need to find a way which can entertain you, like that you will be busy and don’t think about drinking.

    6- Think about health: This is the most important you need to think about your health and family members as they are depended on you, and alcohol can harm you in future.




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