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Health Supplements are good for your health?

    Health Supplements

    Most of peoples take Protein Powder and Health Supplements for a good health, but do you know they are good for your health?

    Lot of research says they are not good for health, there are lot of side effects eating them without doctor consult, so before start any Protein Powder or any health supplements you should consult with your doctor. The baddest think is they will not show any instant effect but in future you can face health issues.

    Common Side effects

    • All type of Health Supplements are hard to digest they can upset your digestive system.
    • Your weight may increase too much.
    • They can affect your kidneys and Liver.
    • You can see unwanted acne on your face.
    • it’s possible protein powder and health supplements can increase your insulin levels
    • They can affect your blood pressure, you can feel very low blood pressure.
    • They can be cause of dehydration.
    • Hair loss is also a common side effects like that supplements.

    Then what is the best way to get better health?

    You need to include natural foods in your diet and do regular exercise, like that you will not feel any side effect and weight gain.

    Almonds, Apple, Green Vegetables, Milk, Egg and lot of other natural foods are available they can give you healthy body gain and good look.

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