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5 Disadvantages of hot water bath

    hot water bath

    In winter, most people take a hot water bath, But do you know that bathing with hot water is harmful to your body? More hot water can cause damage to your hair and skin.

    Bathwater should always be normal, neither too hot nor too cold. Let’s know about the bath losses with hot water.

    5 Disadvantages of hot water bath

    1. That is not good for the skin, it causes the skin to become red, and it can be rashes or allergic.

    2. Hot water can cause itching problems.

    3. Hot water can increase the risk of skin infections because Hot water absorbs moisture from the skin

    4. Hot water has a very bad effect on the hair, it reduces the moisturizer of the hair, which can lead to hair fall and dryness.

    5. That can also reduce the moisture content of the eyes, and this can create redness, itching problems in the eyes.

    It is very good to take bath with normal water, this also increases our body energy, and our health is also right.

    However, if you have to take a bath from getting hot, then these precautions should be adopted.


    1. Take a bath for a short time.
    2. Use moisturizing soap, it will not dry your skin

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