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Are you having trouble sleeping at night?

    trouble sleeping at night

    Many times we feel trouble sleeping due to some mental anxiety. This situation worsens when you are tired and not feeling sleepy.

    We know that you have to go to work the next day and you will feel fresh for it only when you are able to get a good sleep, but what to do now, you are not able to sleep.

    But now there is nothing to worry about, we are going to tell you some tips, from which you will get a good sleep.

    Tips to feel sleeping at night (How to avoid trouble sleeping)

    1. Take a deep breath.
    2. Try to stop thinking about you are not feeling sleepy.
    3. Relax your muscle and feel in your heart nothing to do now.
    4. Forgot about the clock or sound you are getting disturbed and do not keep watching clock.
    5. Write down or talk with someone other about your worries, after that you can feel relax.
    6. Turn of the lights of the room.
    7. If you feel within 15 minutes after going to bed you are unable to sleep then get out of bed and walk for 10-15 and try again to sleep.
    8. Do sleep meditations if you are this problem feeling every day
    9. Never drink alcohol just before going to bed.
    10. Thanks to god.

    Disadvantages of not getting enough sleep at night

    • You will be unable to work the next day.
    • Your digestion can affect.

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