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American covid-19 investigation agencies divided into two parts.

covid-19 investigation.

As we all know, the US covid-19 investigation agencies are trying to find out how Covid-19 spread in humans.

Now the US investigative agencies have got divided into two different parts on the covid-19 investigation.

American has reported that its agencies have two theories about the origin of coronavirus

The two agencies believe the virus to have emerged naturally from human contact with infected animals.

And one agency believes that the virus was accidentally exposed to a potential laboratory.

However, it is still a matter of investigation.

US President Joe Biden has ordered the Intelligence Community to intensify efforts to trace the origin of the virus.

The order has asked them to submit a report on the subject within 90 days.

Biden said, “As part of that report, I have asked for further investigation, including questions specific to China, which may be needed.”

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