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Disadvantages of plastic for health and environment.

    disadvantages of plastic

    The plastics are a big industry today, In other words, we can say plastic products are being used everywhere, approximately each product you are using daily life are made in plastic, But the problem is plastics remain a threat to our environment, Do you know you are the only person who can save the earth from the disadvantages of plastic?

    In modern times it seems impossible to live without plastic items, here we will discuss the disadvantage of items made using plastic.

    The common disadvantages of plastic

    1. Most of the plastic items we throw after one time use.
    2. Every year around one lakh animals die due to plastic bags, we through the plastic bags on road and they are eating that.
    3. Every year around 100 million tonnes of plastic are produced worldwide and We are throwing most of the non-perishable plastics into the sea after use which can be very harmful in the future.
    4. When plastic is thrown in the open, then plastic material comes in contact with water and creates dangerous chemicals. These chemicals decrease the level of groundwater and the quality of water.
    5. Plastic bags get trapped in the drains and block the drains. Due to which dirty water accumulates and diseases and dirt are spread.

    Harmful effects of plastic never reduce even it’s thrown in open, buried in the ground or thrown in the water. on burning plastic, its harmful chemicals get into the air.

    How to reduce your daily uses of plastic.

    1. Try to use polystyrene foam sparingly.
    2. Keep plastic bags safe and use them multiple times,
    3. Do not throw plastic bags in the open.
    4. Use other materials instead of plastic material.
    5. Use recyclable plastic

    You should also encourage others to save the Earth from plastic products. Plastic only hurts nature, even if it is going to be very useful in our daily life.

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