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25 Facts About Incredible India can surprise you

Incredible India

India is a growing economy, Great culture, historical places, big market for the world and different languages are makes India to Incredible India.

List of 25 Facts About Incredible India:-

  1. Oldest Culture in the world, India is home to the oldest civilizations in the world.
  2. India first country to successfully send a spacecraft to Mars in its first attempt.
  3. One of only 5 nations to send a mission to Moon
  4. The only nation to develop thorium-based nuclear power
  5. Lightest and smallest 4th generation fighter aircraft Tejas.
  6. Outsourcing capital of the world
  7. The sixth-largest economy in the world
  8. Ganga is the most populated river basin in the world.
  9. India is home to all major religions of the world, 4 major religions come from India: Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism, and Jainism.
  10. World’s second-largest road network(around 32 lakh km ).
  11. The largest producer of milk in the world
  12. The fourth-largest rail network in the world.
  13. In the entertainment world Bollywood, the largest producer of movies.
  14. Natural home remedy for all diseases Ayurveda
  15. India is home to a number of martial art forms, India is a Yoga guru of the world
  16. Second Largest Army In The World
  17. Bombay Stock Exchange in India is the oldest exchange in Asia with over 5,000 listed companies.
  18. The largest number of vegetarians in the world
  19. Highest cricket ground in the world.
  20. Sunderbans, home to the majestic Royal Bengal Tiger, is the largest block of tidal halophytic mangroves on Earth.
  21. The largest buyer of gold in the world.
  22. India is the largest democracy in the world.
  23. India has the second-largest Muslim population in the world, the first being Indonesia, but no other country has more mosques than India.
  24. The largest religious gathering in the world is Kumbh Mela
  25. The largest number of English speakers in the world.