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Shivaay Movie Opinion

Shivaay is a action thriller film directed and produced by Ajay Devgan under his banner Ajay Devgn FFilms. It features Ajay Devgn, Sayyeshaa Saigal, and Erika Kaar in lead roles. Mithoon has composed the film’s score and soundtrack. British band The Vamps and composer Jasleen Royal are also a part of the music.

Ajay Devgn (Shivaay) is a Himalayan mountaineer in movie, Shivaay organises treks for tourists. During one such tour, he meets Erika (Olga), a Bulgarian girl and falls in love. When she discovers she is pregnant with his child, she wishes to abort it as she isn’t ready for it. She wishes to go back to her country and family, who need her.

Shivaay has no one to call his own. He pleads her to give birth to their child even if she doesn’t want to look after it so that he can have a family. She obliges. Their daughter Abigail (Gaura) is born but the mother leaves her with her dad and goes away. Shivaay raises Gaura, who is a mute child and tells her that her mother is no more. The girl however discovers a hidden letter of her mother and finds out that she is alive. She insists that she needs to see her mother.

Shivaay heads her to Bulgaria. On reaching, he stays at a hotel with his daughter, where he suspects child-trafficking takes place. He rescues a boy and gets a paedophile arrested. The cops thank him. He then seeks the help of the Indian embassy in Bulgaria to find Olga but they suspect if the white girl is indeed his daughter as Shivaay isn’t married to Olga. They still promise to help him out. Sadly, his daughter is kidnapped by the same gang, whose criminal act he had busted. He goes rogue to find Gaura. He gets arrested by the cops for using non-civilian ways to track the criminals. He manages to flee and find Gaura and even the mafia kingpin, who has been orchestrating this whole plan. Turns out, he is not the one.

A cop happens to be the culprit. On reuniting with her mother, who is relatively rich, Shivaay thinks his daughter will have a better life with her. He plans to return to India alone. But Gaura meets him at the airport and makes it clear that she won’t stay without her father.