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The Most Beautiful Cities in the World

Venice in Most Beautiful Cities

Venice (Italy)

The city of Venice in northeast Italy is famous for its art and architecture, Venice is on number 1 position in the list of World Beautiful Cities, With its historic buildings and gorgeous canals, Venice is one of Italy’s most famous attractions. This floating city consists of a group of 118 small islands separated by canals and linked by bridges. 400-foot bridges and 170 boat canals connect the city to make it easily accessible to the local populace. Venice can be compared to one big adventure. Once you are caught in the winding and seemingly endless streets and bridges, you would have no other choice but to keep on walking, There’s no better way to explore Venice than getting lost and be surprised in what it has to offer at your every turn.

There are countless Things to do in Rome. The city has everything, from historical or religious sites to ancient ruins, fountains, statues, squares, museums and galleries of every kind, unforgettable atmosphere and some of the best cuisines in the world.

Places to visit in Venice: Canal Grande, Doges Place, Basilica di San Marco, St. Mark’s Squre

Paris (France)

Venice is on number 2 position in the list of World Beautiful Cities, Paris is the capital of France and “international capital of style”, located in the north-central part of the country. Paris is famous for being a global fashion hub, it is also known for its world-renowned cuisine. Paris is also famous for many of its attractions, including the Eiffel Tower. Paris has a range of museums that entice art lovers from all over the world. the wine and food are excellent in Paris and the tourist attractions are endless.

Places to visit in Paris: Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Notre Dame Cathedral, Champs Elysées / Arc of Triumph, Cruise on the Seine, Montmartre, Palace of Versailles, The Latin Quarter – Luxembourg park, Moulin Rouge, Disneyland Paris

Budapest (Hungary)

Budapest is on number 3 position in the list of World Beautiful Cities, Budapest, the capital of Hungary and considered by many to be the “Paris of the East”, Budapest is cited as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, ranked as the most livable central and eastern European city on EIU’s quality of life index, ranked as world’s second best city by “Conde Nast Traveler? and “Europe’s 7th most idyllic place to live” by Forbes. It has around 80 geothermal springs, the world’s largest thermal water cave system, second largest synagogue, and third largest Parliament building. Budapest is home to the headquarters of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology.

Places to visit in Budapest:- Buda Castle Hill, Budapest Opera House, Chain Bridge, Budapest Parliament, Matthias Church, Royal Palace, Fishermen’s Bastion, Heroes’ Square, Central Market Hall, Gellért Hill, Great Synagogue, Andrássy Avenue, St. Stephen’s Basilica, Budapest Academy of Music, City Park, Budapest Broadway, Shoes on the Danube, Outer Ring

Rome (Italy)

Rome is on number 4 position in the list of World Beautiful Cities, Rome has great historical importance in the world because it is one the oldest city in the world, as this is capital of the beautiful country Italy, Rome fourth largest city in all member states of European Union. Rome famous for its extreme classic architecture because it is a desire of any person in the world to visit this city, it is full of faded palazzi, charming lanes, and lovely homes which are decorated with flower boxes, therefore this is the 3rd most visited city in Europe. There are many monuments of architecture, of which many have heard and visited possible. Probably one of the most famous:– The Colosseum. Also, to not less colorful and breathtaking architectural buildings include Trajan’s Forum, the Pantheon, Raphael’s tomb, temples and churches, baths, imperial palaces. If you have not been to Rome, make sure you try to visit it, it is truly a magnificent city.

Places to visit in Rome: Ostia Antica, The Colosseum, Villa Dei Quintili, San Clemente, Palatine Hill, Roman Forum, Vatican Museums, Catacombs Of San Callisto, Via Appia Antica, Hadrian’s Villa

Hong Kong (China)

Hong Kong is on number 5 position in the list of World Beautiful Cities, Hong Kong is the world’s most vertical city, with more than two hundred buildings higher than five hundred feet Hong Kong is a lovely place, famous for its amicable international crowd, food, and beauty. This place will surprise you in various ways.

Places to visit in Hong Kong: Victoria Peak, Avenue of Stars, Symphony of Lights, Disneyland, cean Park, Ngong Ping 360, Golden Bauhinia Square, Hong Kong Wet Land Park, Hong Kong Skyline, Che kung Temple

Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Amsterdam is on number 6 position in the list of World Beautiful Cities, Amsterdam is one of the beautiful city of the world which is famous for its artistic heritage, Amsterdam is the city that is well known as the “Venice of North”. Amsterdam is packed fully with beautiful canals, relaxing charms, parks, beautiful offices, restaurants, cafes and apartments so all together for a majestic beautiful city in the world therefore known as a most charming city so a striking place of bridges, bikes crossing canals, conspicuously graceful architecture and pleasing cobblestone streets. Amsterdam known as financial center the Europe because it is also a cultural capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam considered as oldest stock exchange in the world.

Places to visit in Amsterdam: Canals of Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, Begijnhof, Anne Frank House, Bloemenmarkt, Vondelpark, Scheepvaartmuseum, De Wallen, Koninklijk Paleis Amsterdam

Vienna (Austria)

Vienna the capital of Austria is on number 7 position in the list of World Beautiful Cities, City is famous for its cultural events, imperial sights, coffee houses, cosy wine taverns, and the very special Viennese charm, Austria is gorgeous and the capital of Austria likes a cake. Austria packed with palaces, museums and opera houses, not to mention the world’s oldest and grandest zoo. Home to Beethoven and Mozart, the city is a gem of museums, music halls, and public parks. Even the crystal clear waters of the Danube seem to play music as they flow through the historic city. Vienna is known for its high quality of life. The UN-Habitat has classified Vienna as being the most prosperous city in the world in 2012/2013.

Places to visit in Vienna: Schonbrunn Palace, Burggarten, Hundertwasserhaus, St Stephen’s Cathedral, Hofburg Imperial Palace, Belvedere Complex, Graben, Burggarten, Ringstrasse, Spanish Riding School, Wiener Rathaus

Lisbon (Portugal)

Lisbon is on number 8 position in the list of World Beautiful Cities,  Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, is one of Europe’s most beautiful and cosmopolitan cities. Lisbon is recognized as a global city because of its importance in finance, commerce, media, entertainment, arts, international trade, education, and tourism. It is one of the major economic centers on the continent, with a growing financial sector and one of the largest container ports on Europe’s Atlantic coast, The effortless beauty of the city Lisbon impressed most tourists. Lisbon is one of the oldest city in the world, The climate of Lisbon is also enjoyable therefore great sites to visit in this city.

Places to visit in Lisbon: Eronimos Monastery, Belem Tower, St. George’s Castle, Calouste Gulbenkian Museum, Parque Das Nacoes, Berardo Museum, Madre De Deus Convent, Ancient Art Museum, Design & Fashion Museum, Arco da Rua Augusta, Padrão dos Descobrimentos, Elevador de Santa Justa, Museu Nacional do Azulejo

Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

Rio is on number 9 position in the list of World Beautiful Cities, Rio has implemented fabulous infrastructure to cater to the needs of its visitors, Because of its many cultural and historical attractions. This includes world-class accommodation and plenty of tours. The Marvelous City with its white beaches, towering mountains and scenic docks. The bustling city is best known for its sandy beaches, concerts, carnivals, football matches, music and its well preserved lush tropical forests. Facing the South Atlantic coast, the second-largest city in Brazil is blessed with one of the most beautiful natural settings for a metropolis in the world.

Places to visit in Rio de Janeiro:- Sugar Loaf, Cristo Redentor (Christ the Redeemer), Carnaval (Carnival), Copacabana, Tijuca National Park, Escadaria Selarón, Ilha de Paquetá, Passeio Público and Cinelândia, Ipanema and Leblon, Nossa Senhora do Carmo and Monte do Carmo, Santa Tereza, Quinta da Boa Vista, São Bento, São Francisco da Penitência, Catedral de São Sebastião