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Workplace English Course

You can use this short course to help employees who speak or write little or no English to improve their communications skills. Increasing every employee’s ability to read, speak and write English can vastly improve production and morale in your company.

This course is comprised of a few chapters that offer strategies for helping employees strengthen their oral and written communication skills. They can learn how to apply these strategies in everyday situations in the workplace, such as writing emails and memos, speaking with customers or interacting with English-speaking co-workers. Chapter topics include:

  • Methods for understanding spoken English
  • English communication strategies
  • English language reading practices

How It Helps

  • Improves communication: Better communication between employees, employees and management, and employees and customers and vendors can lead to a more successful work environment.
  • Reduces errors: By learning to communicate effectively, your employees can avoid any confusion or errors that might result from any language barriers.
  • Increases productivity : Employees can use improved communication methods to work more quickly and efficiently.