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Postgraduate Diploma (PGD)

A postgraduate diploma or degree (PGDip, PgDip, PG Dip., PGD, PgD, PDE) is a postgraduate qualification awarded after a university degree. It can be contrasted with a graduate diploma. Countries that award postgraduate diplomas include Australia, Bangladesh, Barbados, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Germany, Jamaica, the United Kingdom, Spain, South Africa, India, Ireland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, the Philippines, Portugal, Russia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sweden and Trinidad and Tobago.

You’ve always known that one day you would have to leave full time education forever and step out into the real world. For some of you, the reality may hit home after you graduate from your first degree and at this point you may realise that postgraduate study could be a better option than the obstacle course of job applications and everything else real life entails! Others may spend some time in the workplace before considering postgraduate careers and life benefits of postgraduate study in order to further their current position. Competition in the workplace is naturally fierce; throw into the mix the problem of today’s tough market and the decreasing rarity of undergraduate degrees, many graduates find themselves considering the added benefits of postgraduate study. However, taking on the decision of whether you will reap those benefits of postgraduate study is not easy.

There are many options available at postgraduate level. Postgraduate certificates and postgraduate diplomas are the first step up from undergraduate study, and take less than a year full time. If taken further, these can lead to a masters degree, a high level of study in which you can either continue your learning from undergraduate further, or change study direction completely.