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National Diploma (ND)

A National Diploma is a title that is used to represent a standard of academic or vocational education. The title was first used in the United Kingdom, but has now been adopted by educational systems worldwide.

  • National Diploma (Ireland)
  • National Diploma (Mauritius)
  • National Diploma (New Zealand)
  • National Diploma (South Africa)
  • National Diploma (Sri Lanka)
  • National Diploma (United Kingdom)
  • National Diploma (Nigeria)

National Certificates and National Diplomas recognise skills and knowledge that meet nationally endorsed unit and achievement standards.

The skills and knowledge that are required for National Certificates and National Diplomas are exactly what employers say they need. These qualifications are nationally recognised because national industry representatives design them.

National Certificates may be gained in a wide range of areas. They include the National Certificates of Educational Achievement (NCEA) levels 1–3 and National Certificates recognising achievement in a variety of industries and subjects.