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Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

The degree of Doctor of Business Administration (abbreviated DBA or D.B.A. and equivalent to Ph.D. in Business Administration), is a highest academic degree and a research doctorate in business administration.

A typical D.B.A. program has a dual purpose:
(1) to contribute to both theory and practice in relation to business and management.
(2) to develop professional practice and to contribute to professional knowledge of management.

Both the D.B.A. and PhD in Business Administration are terminal degrees, allowing the recipient to obtain a tenure-track position.

DBA programs are offered worldwide. The majority, however, is offered in Europe (42 percent), followed by North America (28 percent) and the Asia-Pacific region (22 percent). 6 percent of the programs are offered in Africa and 2 percent in Latin America and the Caribbean. Most professional doctorates in management were founded in the last 10 years and more than half of them in Europe.

Some universities ask for significant experience in a managerial or professional supervisory position involving responsibility for strategic issues. The D.B.A. normally requires a significant thesis, dissertation or final comprehensive project including a formal defense and approval by nominated examiners or an officially sanctioned and qualified doctoral review committee. The degree is conferred when all coursework, testing, and written research are completed and reviewed and approved by the awarding institution.