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Wind Relieving Pose Steps, Benefits, and Precautions

    Wind Relieving Pose Benefits

    Wind Relieving pose(Pawanmuktasana) is a method of expelling the stomach air in digestive disorders. This pose helps in eliminating disturbances in the digestive system, gas, constipation, indigestion i.e. digestive disorders. This is an easy pose and with a little practice, you can do wind relieving pose well to get many health benefits.

    How to do Wind Relieving Pose to get all benefits?

    A yoga pose is very beneficial if done in the right way, otherwise, there may be a loss or no benefit. So let’s know the right and easy way to do wind reviving pose(Pawanmuktasana):

    1. Lay your yoga mat on a flat and clean open space.
    2. Lie down on the yoga mat in a straight position on your back.
    3. Inhaling and lift the legs slightly up and bend the knees.
    4. Exhale, and try to bring your knees in towards the stomach and chest.
    5. Interlocking the fingers of both hands, hold your knees, and stick the thighs to the stomach.
    6. Raise your head and try to touch your forehead with your knees.(In the beginning, you can face problems to touch knees)
    7. Breathe normally while maintaining the posture.
    8. While coming back, first bring your head down and then your feet.
    9. Now come to normal position
    10. This is one round.
    11. You can do 2 to 3 rounds.

    Benefits of Wind Relieving Pose(Pawanmuktasana)

    This is a very useful pose to overcome digestive disorders. This is the best yoga exercise for the stomach. With its regular practice, you can avoid many stomach diseases or if you are troubled then you can correct it. Its benefits are being mentioned here.

    • It reduces obesity by reducing belly fat. (Read More: Home remedies to reduce obesity.)
    • Poisonous gases come out from the stomach by doing this pose.
    • This pose relieves constipation and the heaviness(abdominal air) of the stomach.
    • It makes the spine, back muscles, and hip muscles strong and flexible.
    • Its regular practice keeps the heart good.
    • It strengthens the intestine and improves the digestive system.
    • It is beneficial in reducing acidity.
    • Beneficial in back pain and sciatica.
    • Helps to cure diseases related to the uterus in women.
    • This asana is also beneficial in improving fertility.

    Take precautions while doing

    It is necessary to do any yoga pose in the right way. Keep in mind in which situation it is not to be done. So let’s see in which situations do not do this pose.

    • Immediately after eating food.
    • Pain in the back or waist.
    • In hypertension.
    • Neck pain or injury.
    • If you have chest pain.
    • Pregnant women should not do it at all.
    • Do not do it if you have an ulcer, lump, or pain in the stomach.

    Common Questions

    Q. How long should the wind-relieving pose(gas release pose) be done?
    A. If you practice for 15-30 seconds, in the beginning, 45 seconds can also be done.

    Q. What is the right time to do the wind-relieving pose?
    A. On an empty stomach or 2-3 hours after a meal.

    Q. What age people can practice wind relieving pose?
    Q. At any age, take the precautions mentioned above.


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