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Triangle Pose Steps, Benefits, and Precautions

    Triangle Pose Benefits

    As much as good food is important for a healthy body, yoga or exercise is equally important. For a disease-free body, it is necessary to follow nutrient-rich food and regular yoga practice. There are many benefits of Triangle Pose which will keep you away from many diseases.

    No matter how good food we eat, if we do not do physical activities, then everything becomes useless and the body becomes unformed.

    Why is it called Triangle Pose?

    While doing this yoga, due to the shape of the body being similar to the triangle, it is called Triangle Pose.

    This is a simple and useful asana for people suffering from obesity. Regular practice of Triangle Pose can easily reduce the extra fat stored on your stomach, waist, thigh, and buttocks.

    How to do Triangle Pose?

    Doing triangle pose can be a little difficult in the beginning but you can do this pose easily with practice. Let’s know the triangle pose steps:

    1. According to your height, leave a distance of 2 to 3 feet between both the feet and stand straight.
    2. Keep the right leg bent towards the right.
    3. Extend both the hands to the side till the height of your shoulders.
    4. Now inhale and bend to the right. Keep an eye out while bending over.
    5. Try to choose the right leg with the right hand.
    6. Keep the left hand straight towards the sky and keep an eye on the fingers of the left hand.
    7. Now return to the straight position and do this exercise by changing the other hand as well.
    8. This is one cycle, in this way you do 3-5 cycles. Do only 3 in the beginning, when you have good practice, you can also do 10.
    9. Keep in mind that while lifting the body, breathe in, and while bending down, exhale.

    Benefits of Triangle Pose

    It has many benefits for the body. Practice at a fast speed to get all the benefits of the triangle pose. Let us know about the benefits of this yoga pose:

    • This is a useful pose to lose weight. (Read more: Home remedies to reduce fat)
    • Belly fat can be reduced very easily with this asana.
    • To increase height practice regularly.
    • Triangle pose reduces waist and hip fat.
    • The muscles around the stomach and chest get a complete exercise.
    • Increases the strength of the back muscles of the legs and hips.
    • To cure back pain it’s a great pose.
    • Increases bowel movement and relieves constipation.
    • Increases our appetite and digestion power.
    • Useful pose to cure sciatica.
    • The body gets stamina and energy

    Do you want to get all its benefits? then practice the triangle poses regularly.


    We all know that yoga is beneficial for health but if done wrongly it can also be dangerous. So let us know what precautions you should keep in mind while doing triangle pose:

    • This pose should not be done if there is slip disc and excessive back pain.
    • Don’t do it if you have a blood pressure problem.
    • If there is a problem of dizziness, then do not do it.
    • Do not do it if there is more pain in the neck and back.
    • Migraine patients should not do this.
    • Avoid doing it if you have heart disease.

    Triangle Pose FAQ

    Which yoga pose is good to do before doing the triangle pose?

    Mountain Pose

    Which yoga pose is good to do after doing the triangle pose?

    Seated Forward Bend(Paschimottanasana), Any standing pose, Stretch poses.


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