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Raised Leg Yoga Pose Steps, Benefits, and precautions

    Raised Leg Pose Benefits(Uttanpadasana)

    By adopting yoga in life we can avoid many diseases because yoga helps to make the body strong, shapely, and flexible also gets rid of stress to make the mind peaceful. Here we will talk in detail about the benefits of Raised Leg Pose (Uttanpadasana).

    What is Raised Leg Pose?

    Uttan means raised upwards and pada means foot, that’s why the raised leg is called Uttanapadasana. Raised leg pose is an important yoga pose to reduce enlarged belly fat.

    How to do Raised Leg Pose for its benefits?

    Many mental and physical problems can be got rid of with this yoga pose. Let’s know steps to do it to get all benefits:

    1. Lie down on the back above the yoga mat in a flat place.
    2. There should be no distance between the feet
    3. Join the toes of both feet together.
    4. Take a long breath and raise the legs up.
    5. Stop after raised legs around 30 degrees upside.
    6. Now keep the leg up for some time and slowly breathe in and out.
    7. After 30 seconds with long exhale bring the legs back down.
    8. Thus it is one cycle of this yoga pose.
    9. Breathe normally before go for next cycle.
    10. Initially do 2 to 3 cycles for 1 week and later increase to 5-7.

    Raised Leg Pose Benefits.

    Many types of diseases and problems can be reduced by practicing this pose regularly. Let’s know about the benefits of this yoga pose

    • Very useful for reducing belly fat.
    • Gives rest to the intestines.
    • Its practice provides relief in abdominal pain.
    • Corrects digestion and removes the problem of constipation.
    • This removes anxiety.
    • Relieves the problems of knee and hip joint pain.
    • Provide relief in back pain (lift only one leg at a time).
    • Relaxes by stretching the muscles of the neck and shoulders.

    Precautions while doing.

    It is very important to take precautions while doing any yoga pose. Without precaution, there may be harm instead of benefit. Therefore, do not do raised leg pose in these situations:

    • During menstrual cycle
    • During pregnancy.
    • Any stomach disease like ulcer, lump etc.
    • Recent abdominal surgery of any kind.
    • Extreme pain in the back (In cace of back pain do it with care by one leg at a time).
    • Do not do in high blood pressure. (Read more: How to treat high blood pressure?)

    If you still want to do with the problems in the body, then do it only under the supervision of a yoga teacher.

    Raised Leg Yoga Pose FAQ.

    Which is the best yoga to reduce stomach fat?

    Raised Leg Yoga Pose.

    Is this pose beneficial for women?

    Yes, it strengthens the walls of the uterus, keeps the body fit and beautiful.

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