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Only One Simple Yoga to Boost Digestion After Dinner

    Yoga to Boost Digestion

    Many people face weak digestion problems and after having a meal they feel big trouble for a long time. Because weak digestion causes gas and pain in the stomach. Now here we will discuss a yoga pose that can boost your digestion.

    Do you have a digestion problem?

    If you have a digestion problem then there is no need to worry now. Just s simple yoga pose Thunderbolt Pose(Vajrasana) can give you relife naturally without any medicine. This yoga pose makes the body and digestion system strong on doing regular basis.

    Thus thunderbolt pose is very useful for people with weak digestion. After eating, if you sit in Thunderbolt Pose for 10-15 minutes then your food will digest in a few minutes without any problem.

    The name of this yoga is according to the shape of the body while performing this pose. The shape of the body becomes like a thunderbolt, hence it gives the name of Thunderbolt Pose.

    Thunderbolt Pose is the only yoga pose that can be done even after meals. This yoga pose helps the system to digest food quickly.

    How to do Thunderbolt Pose? A best yoga to boost digestion

    • Stand on your knees, and sit with your feet flat on your ankles, toes on the ground, toes pointing outwards, toes touching each other.
    • Sit in the space between both ankles.
    • Keeping the head, neck, and spine in a straight line, palms on the thighs.
    • Normal exhale and inhale and wait for 10 minutes.
    • To finish the pose exhale and straighten the legs wait till your legs relaxed.

    What are the benefits of Thunderbolt Pose?

    • This is only yoga pose to boost digestion after meal.
    • Food will digest fast.
    • It provides relief in the problem of gas and pain in the stomach.
    • Increases blood circulation in the lower part of the abdomen.
    • The nerves of the legs and thighs are strengthened.
    • Knee and heel joints are flexible, there is a possibility of arthritis.
    • The spine remains straight and strong.

    Who should not do Vajrayana (Precautions for Vajrayana)

    • Those who have the problem of slip disc or there is any problem in the spinal cord.
    • Those who have problems with feet, or knees.
    • Many come and become very weak.
    • Have had any operation.

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