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How many times yoga practice in a week should I do?

    yoga practice time

    it’s a general question that comes to mind when we want to start doing yoga practice in a busy schedule.

    How many times I should practice yoga daily?

    The answer is in starting you should start with 5 yoga steps for 15 minutes and slowly increase your time after one week.

    Now next question will occur in your mind.

    How many times in a week yoga practice should I do?

    In our suggestion minimum of 5 days a week or if possible for you then every day. If you want to take a rest then suppose you started on Monday then you can rest for Thursday and next you can rest for Sunday. But we prefer you do it every day.

    Why practice yoga?

    Because Yoga is a simple and great way to clear body toxins. By just practicing 10 to 15 minutes per day you can get amazing benefits and relax in your mind and body.

    The continuity is required to do yoga steps like an expert but if you are very busy then you can rest one or two days a week.

    How to practice to get results fast?

    Yoga is not a medician it takes time to show results on the body and it also depends on the accuracy of yoga steps you are doing.

    Are there any side effects of yoga?

    Yes if you will not do steps properly then it’s possible.

    Are you a beginner? then start with 5 easy steps as your body support or according your problem.

    Are you a beginner?
    Read our guide Yoga for Beginners

    Max time do I need to do a single yoga step?

    This depends on the practice you are doing for how long time but in our suggestion doing a single step for 10 minutes per session is fine.

    Never force to do yoga steps out of the limit of the body, because in this way you will get tired and there will be loss instead of gain.

    You will feel that after some days of practice time expands naturally and you will be able to do more without any problem.

    As Murdock says “Yoga is a lifelong practice”.

    Is yoga is a workout?

    Yoga is not only a workout it’s much more than the workout. It’s a connection of mind and body awareness. With the practice when the connection of mind will be established with the body properly then results will be in form of the power of the body’s internal and external parts.

    So the time of yoga is not so important the important is how accurate you are doing the yoga steps, and are you doing as your body problem?

    Then you need to take advice from a good yoga teacher before starting yoga otherwise you can face serious problems.

    It’s simple to think any work done without knowledge is either innovation or mistake, so do not make mistakes.

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