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Half Plough Pose Steps, Benefits, and Precautions

    Half Plough Pose Benefits

    Half plough pose is a beneficial posture for those who have back and stomach-related problems. Plough pose is a bit difficult and not everyone can do it easily. Half plough pose is a good option of plough pose to get the same benefits.

    What is Half Plough Pose ?

    Half Plough Pose is roughly the same as raised leg pose(Uttanpadasana). In raised leg pose, the feet are about 30 degrees above the ground and in this pose, the legs are straightened up to 90 degrees.

    This is a simple form of plough pose and is very easy to do. By practising this, you will be able to do plough pose and raised leg pose easily.

    How To Do Half Plough Pose To Get All Benefits?

    It’s necessary you need to do yoga poses with accuracy to get all benefits. Here are the instructions to do this pose:

    1. Lie on your back on a yoga mat.
    2. Keep the hands near the thighs and the palm towards the ground.
    3. Now slowly raise your legs at 90 degrees without bending them, exactly up in line with the hips.
    4. Hold this position for 30 seconds with normal breathing.
    5. With long exhaling slowly bring the feet to the ground.
    6. It is a one cycle.
    7. In this way you can do 3 to 5 cycles.

    Benefits of Half Plough Pose

    This pose has many benefits to strengthen your body muscles and cure problems. Here are the benefits of this pose:

    • Makes the intestines strong.
    • It increases the power of digestion. (Read more: How to improve digestion?)
    • Constipation patients get benefit from doing this.
    • Helps fight obesity and lose weight.
    • It provides relief in the problem of gas in the stomach.
    • Doing this asana regularly strengthens your waist. (If there is pain in the back, then this asana should be done alternately with one leg.)
    • The spine and back muscles become strong.
    • The muscles of the feet gets strong, which reduces the problem of tingling in feet.
    • Reduces the problem of hair fall due to the flow of blood towards the head.


    We need to do each yoga according to our body and diseases with precautions. Trying to be over smart can be harmful to you. The same thing applies to half plough pose don’t do this pose if:

    Benefits of Plough Pose

    Common Questions

    Q. I have back pain, It is good for me?
    A. No, do it under a supervision of a yoga teacher.

    Q. Recently had stomach surgery, can I do half plough pose?
    A. Not right now, wait and discuss with the doctor.

    Q. Best time to do half plough pose?
    A. Practice this pose on an empty stomach in the morning.


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